How to keep yourself safe when working with a hand-held track saw?

Among electric hand tools, the 12 inch table saw blade for wood is very popular with builders, repairmen, and carpenters. It allows you to easily process not only wood but also metal and other materials (plasterboard laminate, etc.). With its help, you can get high-quality inclined, longitudinal, or crosscuts. The main working part of the circular is a cutting disc with sharp teeth. The speed of its rotation makes you be extremely careful during operation. It is necessary to strictly observe safety rules, as well as use personal protective equipment.

Do not overturn when the circular saw is in operation.

As you already understood, working with a hand-held circular saw is considered very dangerous. To protect yourself from possible electric shock, work injury and other damage, it is important to follow safety measures. Under no circumstances should the device be turned over while it is switched on. It is also forbidden to point him at people, as this can entail disastrous consequences.

Do not operate the circular saw near a container with water

It is important to understand that this is an electrical tool that runs on the network. Even the best hand-held circular saws are afraid of moisture. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to work near water containers located nearby. Ingress of moisture into the power tool threatens with a short circuit, which leads to its failure and constitutes a serious danger to the master.

Use overalls and glasses when working with the hand circular

Before buying a circular hand saw, take care of your personal safety and personal protective equipment. You may need:

  1. Glasses (to protect eyes from dust and rolling pins);
  2. Special clothing (to prevent injury during work).

A respirator is also recommended when working with dusty materials.

Dust extraction connection

The cost of a manual circular largely depends on its functionality and configuration. Some models provide the ability to connect a dust extraction system. It can significantly reduce the dustiness of the working area, thereby providing comfortable and safe operating conditions.

Do not check the sharpness of the saw teeth

The cutting edge of the saw blade can be so sharp that it could injure a person with just a slight touch. Moreover, you cannot check the sharpness of the teeth when the device is connected to the mains. If it is turned on unintentionally, it can cause serious injury.

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