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One of the fundamental elements of a home is the plumbing. Are you looking for more information, prices, and professional plumbers in your area? Keep reading this home plumbing guide. Read more at the plumbing blog.

The costs of the plumbing

The costs of a plumbing system cannot be indicated precisely. These vary, in fact, according to the type of material chosen, the surface of the house, the characteristics of the sanitary ware, the type of boiler and, of course, the invoice of the company or the workers who carry out the work. For the construction or renovation of the kitchen plumbing, the costs are around € 2,000; for the construction or renovation of the bathroom plumbing, the costs are around € 2,500; finally, the construction or renovation of the kitchen and bathroom plumbing systems cost around € 4,000.
In the following table you will find more details on the indicative costs of a plumbing system.

What are the additional costs of a plumbing system?

At the costs indicated in the previous table, it must be specified that if it is a question of restructuring the sanitary system, it is necessary to think about the demolition of the old system with the related disposal works. This affects the final cost of the plumbing.
Another aspect to take into consideration is that costs vary according to the city in which you reside and can also vary from one region to another.
Finally, always in the case of renovations, do not forget the timing foreseen for the completion of the works which can take up to a week, up to fifteen days.

Do you need to build a plumbing system? Here’s where to start

Even before starting the work for the construction of the plumbing system for your home, whether it is renovations or new construction, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the type of system you want to perform.
First, it is necessary to have in mind the overall budget, the type of plumbing system needed, the type of materials, and, obviously, the person who will have to perform the work.
The budget is often the decisive part of all the work since it is important to achieve an excellent quality-price
ratio. Once you have identified the budget available, you can start planning the position that the boiler, the sanitary fixtures to be installed in the bathroom, and the various taps in the rest of the house.

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