Best Wood Oven on the market: info and features

Are you looking for the best wood-burning oven on the market but don’t know where to start? The wood-burning oven is one of the symbols of the round pizza made in Italy and, thanks to some of its features that we will see later, many modern pizzerias tend to make this kind of choice.

Let’s see together what are the characteristics of the wood-burning oven and which is the best wood-burning oven on the market. Here are the supposed best six pizza ovens for you to buy.

Why choose the wood-burning oven

Before asking ourselves what the best wood-burning oven on the market is, we need to understand the advantages of the wood-burning oven over the electric oven. Many experts in the field, in fact, consider it the best oven for baking pizza but remember that the final choice is always up to those who use the oven themselves! Here are the reasons why you should choose the wood-burning oven:

Personal satisfaction

It is well known that the wood-fired oven requires greater skill than the electric oven because, among other reasons, it must be fed manually, you have to spend time cleaning the ash and baking pizza is more difficult to control.

In short, you must have some previous experience if you want to buy an oven of this type because it requires skill and constant commitment.

High temperature

The wood-burning oven can be used to cook a little bit of everything but the high temperatures it can reach make it perfect for cooking classic Neapolitan pizza.

The pizza is cooked quickly thanks to the high temperature that allows the dough to cook evenly in the central area, without drying out too much.

Pizza aroma

Regardless of what the best wood-burning oven on the market is, you should know that a good reason to choose this type of oven is the fuel, i.e. wood. Yes because by burning the wood to create the embers, the scents of the burning plant give the pizza an incredible aroma.

And, while we’re at it, we remind you that the wood-burning pizza oven is an ecological tool because wood is a renewable energy source.

Resistance wood-burning oven

Not working with electricity or anything else, the wood-fired oven is less prone to failures and malfunctions and, thanks to its durable construction, is destined to last for many years.

Aesthetic appearance

Would you like to put a nice pizzeria with a large open wood-burning oven rather than one or more electric ovens? If you want to capture the attention of the guests, the choice of wood-burning oven is certainly effective also for those who own a house with a garden and want to get to work in front of their friends.

How to choose the best wood-burning oven on the market

We have seen the advantages of choosing a wood-fired pizza oven compared to other models on the market, but how can you tell which is the best wood-fired oven on the market?

There are some parameters to take into account when buying a new wood-fired pizza oven. Let’s discover them together.


One of the first elements to evaluate when buying a wood-burning oven is the shape of the structure because it is the one that allows the diffusion of the heat of the fire.

The shape of the dome is a sort of flattened half sphere and allows the creation of air currents that flow from the flame and then spread throughout the oven; the hot air then reaches the centre of the dome creating a push towards the bottom of the oven and then upwards again, in a circular movement of hot air that transmits heat through radiation (and, as we have seen before, gives a woody aroma to the food).

In principle, a good wood-burning oven must have the classic spherical shape even if today you will also find models of other shapes on the market.

Wood-burning oven dimensions

Another important parameter to choose the best wood-burning oven on the market is the size. In general, wood-fired ovens are quite large (the internal diameter is about 1.5 metres) but there are also smaller and even larger models.

To choose your own oven you have to evaluate the size of the space where you want to place it and how many pizzas you want to bake at the same time: there are wood-fired ovens with 2 pizzas and models able to bake more than 10 pizzas at the same time.

So if you don’t need to churn out as many pizzas at a time, we suggest you to opt for a medium-small size oven; also because the bigger the size of the wood-burning oven, the higher the consumption of wood (and consequently the price!). In addition, a large – and therefore very heavy – oven requires a stable flooring


One of the first rules for choosing a decent wood-burning oven is that it should be made of quality materials that allow it to last a long time.

The material of bricks, stone slabs and dome is obviously refractory, i.e. it accumulates and retains heat, releasing it to the pizza evenly throughout the baking process.

We advise you not to buy ovens that are too cheap because they are definitely not made of good quality materials!

Weight wood-burning oven

As we mentioned earlier, it is also important to pay attention to the weight of the wood-burning oven because a heavy oven also needs a strong support floor. We can make considerations about the weight by classifying the ovens in two categories:

Fixed wood-burning oven: if you are looking for a fixed wood-burning oven, it is better to opt for a heavier model because once assembled it will not have to move anymore. Obviously you will need a solid and equally heavy base to support that weight for a long time.
Mobile wood-burning oven: that is, an oven that can be moved from one side to the other without any problems. In that case, choose a very light and handy model and your back will thank you!
Finally, pay attention to the quality of the support structure that holds the oven: it must be strong and stable, yes, but not too heavy.

Wood-burning oven mouth and lid

Are you looking for the best wood-burning oven on the market but you just don’t know which one to choose? Before showing you the most interesting models on the market today, it is important that you understand what the main features of such an oven are. Two of these characteristics are the mouth and the lid, fundamental for those who want to work in comfort.

Let’s start with the mouth, which must be big enough to handle pizzas and fire but not too much compared to the size of the oven to avoid excessive heat loss.

The lid, on the other hand, must be stable both when closed and when resting to let air through, and must have a handy handle.

Speed of temperature increase

What do we mean by the rate of temperature rise? We mean that a good wood-burning oven must be able to quickly accumulate the heat emitted by the fire. This characteristic depends on various factors, from the structure of the oven to the type of wood used and your ability to manipulate the fire.

Generally, the speed of temperature rise is slower in larger wood-fired ovens (it can take up to 3 – 4 hours), and it is faster in small, state-of-the-art ovens that consume even less wood.

Wood-fired oven consumption

Speaking of saving on wood, how much does a wood-burning oven consume? Consumption varies depending on several factors, first of all the ability to handle the fire and the speed of temperature increase we mentioned earlier.

The type of wood certainly plays a fundamental role in the consumption of the oven, since each type has a different caloric yield (and price).

Uniform cooking

He buys us a wood-burning oven because he wants to make a perfect pizza, right? The best wood-fired oven on the market must therefore make a pizza whose baking is uniform in all areas of the oven.

The uniformity of baking performance in the different areas of the oven is fundamental when several products have to be baked at the same time: in this way it will be easier to control the baking level of all pizzas and, with a little practice, you will be able to control the oven less frequently.

Maintaining heat

Why are we interested in having a wood-burning oven that can keep the heat as long as possible? Because once the pizza (or pizzas!) is cooked, we can use the heat accumulated inside the oven to cook other food at a lower temperature. Think for example of bread (at 250 degrees) or roast bread (180 – 200 degrees).

The best wood-burning oven is the one that can slowly drop in temperature, allowing us to use it even for several consecutive days.

Wood-burning oven design

When choosing a wood-burning oven, it is also important to evaluate the aesthetic aspect, i.e. its design and its compatibility with the space where we want to place it.

On the market you will find various types of models, but first of all we must make a distinction between indoor and outdoor wood-burning ovens:

Indoor wood oven: it is an oven that is usually walled in the kitchen so the visible part is only the finish around the mouth.

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